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Mosquito repellents are helpful to avoid mosquito bites, but which ones actually work? We took a look at a number of products and reviewed the hard science behind claims of various plants, herbs, oils and other items as effective mosquito repellents.

1. Sprays. Not all repellent sprays are created equal. We took a look at ones that claim to be the “best” on the market to show you what really works.

2. Plants & Herbs. Various plants and herbs have been touted as natural mosquito repellents, but which actually work? We took a close look at all of them.

3. Household Items. Wouldn’t it be great if all you needed to keep mosquitoes away was already in your house? We checked a handful of items that you may have heard as natural mosquito repellents.

4. Essential Oils. Beyond certain plants & plant extracts, there are specific essential oils that often get credit as repellents. Here are the ones we fact checked:

5. Creams. Certain brands of skin & baby creams get credit for keeping mosquitoes away, but do they actually work? Here are the ones we’ve looked into:

5. Diet. Are there certain things you can eat & include in your diet that makes mosquitoes not want to bite you? So far, we took a closer look at:

6. Clothing. Learn more about clothing that proven chemicals have been applied to for keeping mosquitoes at bay.

7. Sound F`requency Apps. Do phone apps that make ultrasonic frequencies really work to keep mosquitoes away? (Spoiler: they don’t)