Mosquito reviews

Why a website about mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes can turn a beautiful backyard or patio into a nightmare, and keep you from enjoying the barbecue or pool or even just the back-porch swing. Ugh. I hate them. Not to mention the nasty diseases they carry to people and pets.

But it doesn't have to be that way! I know from experience. This website tells how you too can take back your home and yard from those nasty skeeters, and enjoy life outdoors.

After reading and talking to people about what to do, I put together this collection of reviews and articles you won't find anywhere else. There are comparisons of mosquito traps and tips on the best way to use them, information on other ways to exterminate or repel mosquitoes, articles about mosquitoes' life cycle--because they're fun to study when you're no longer swatting them--and there's even a little section on whether we ought to save them. The surprising answer: Scientists say the ecosystem actually doesn't need them. So you can get rid of them without guilt.

I hope that with some determination and a little help from the information here, you too can enjoy the outdoors again! Go to the home page of the reviews, or pick out an article from the site map at right.