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Mosquitofish eating larvae A mosquitofish snacks on a
mosquito larva.
Mosquito Clothing Protects You Outdoors
Outside activities aren't as much fun, if you need to choose between bug bites or putting heavy-duty insecticide on your skin. But those aren't the only options, when you're out gardening, fishing, or anywhere ticks and mosquitoes abound. The other choices are... Read more

Lightweight Nets for Camping
Unfortunately, some of the most scenic back-country is also home to the worst mosquitoes. If you're camping or backpacking light, every ounce counts, but there are still ways to keep from getting bitten without... Read more

Patio Umbrella Mosquito Nets Reviewed
If mosquitoes are keeping you from enjoying your patio table with an umbrella, one simple and relatively inexpensive solution to the problem is mosquito netting that fits over the umbrella. Most styles have one common weakness, but you can... Read more

Screen Tents Keep Skeeters Away
Screen tents keep mosquitoes and other bugs from attacking, so you can relax and take in the view and the fresh air. They also give some protection from the sun on hot days. The ones below have... Read more

Big Screen Shelters Make Mosquito-free Haven
A screen shelter allows you to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about mosquitoes or other bugs taking away the fun. It used to be that mosquitoes were only annoying in the evening. Now, the Asian tiger mosquito, an aggressive daytime biter, has spread... Read more

Do Mosquito Dunks & Bits Work? Yes!
They really do live up to their promises. Within a day or less from when you add them to the water, they'll begin to kill mosquito larvae. Bti, the active ingredient, is fatal when larvae eat it, but doesn't hurt humans and other animals, including pets, fish and frogs. Reviews of different products to help... Read more

Methoprene stops mosquitoes from growing
Some of the most effective biological enemies of mosquitoes interfere with the growth of mosquito larvae. Methoprene (sold commercially as Altosid) is one of the... Read more

bat Unfortunately, bats prefer beetles or moths to mosquitoes.
BTI: Best Natural Biological Control
The bacillus called Bti is a natural, biological enemy of mosquito larvae. But it's safe for humans and all other creatures, including mammals, birds, amphibians and insects, except for fungus gnats, black flies, and a few other insects very closely related to mosquitoes. First discovered in 1976 in Israel, it produces... Read more

Mosquitoes Have Enemies Besides Us
Scientists have studied a variety of mosquitoes' predators, in hopes of finding natural enemies that we could use to control them. Gambusia mosquitofish and dragonflies are just two.... Read more

Purple Martins and Bats Will Eat Anything
Mosquitoes have many natural enemies. Purple martins and bats are two you may notice out catching insects, but their choice of bugs... Read more

The Future of Natural Mosquito Control
If you want to buy a biological control for mosquitoes, you'll probably be offered something that uses Bti. Any future products will need to be safer or more effective than it, but it's not perfect. Here's a look at what may show up next, in humans' biological war against mosquitoes... Read more

Photo of mosquitofish and bat from the CDC.