Mosquito reviews

Mosquitoes: What's Their Purpose?

They're useful, but we could still get along well without them.

What Purpose do Mosquitoes Serve?
Mosquitoes seem to have no purpose besides annoying us. But from their point of view, they're here to make more mosquitoes. From the viewpoint of birds, fishes, frogs and similar predators which eat them, mosquitoes' purpose is to be a source of food. But does the world actually need mosquitoes?... Read more

Mosquitoes' Role in the Ecosystem
Mosquitoes have an impact on the ecosystem that's both positive and negative. The larvae live in water and provide food for fish and other wildlife, but the adults also can have a damaging role, harming other animals by.... Read more

Mosquitoes Pollinate Flowers
You might think that mosquitoes only suck blood, but they're useful in another niche in the ecosystem--they pollinate flowers. The males never bite, and females only require blood to nourish their eggs, so the ordinary food of mosquitoes is actually.... Read more

Mosquitoes swarm in the Arctic, where their purpose seems to be to torment caribou and become food for birds, though they also pollinate some flowers.