Mosquito Facts

A collection of articles about our little enemies

Video of mosquito laying eggs.
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Why Mosquitoes Buzz in Your Ears
Why? They can't help it. Their wings make that whine or buzz whenever they fly. If they circle around your head, looking for.... Read more

Where do Mosquitoes Go in the Cold?
You don't usually see mosquitoes when winter comes, but they don't disappear for good. When the temperature is below freezing, they have several strategies to... Read more

What Mosquitoes Eat, Besides People
Both male and female mosquitoes eat nectar from plants to get sugar, which gives them the nutrition they need to live, but the females have another role: producing eggs. For that, they need protein, and they get it from... Read more

Do mosquitoes sleep?
Yes, though they don't like to do it at the same time we do. Most are active in the night or during dusk and dawn, and sleep or rest during the daytime. They look for... Read more

How Long is a Mosquito's Lifespan?
As adults, mosquitoes live from a few days to as long as several months, depending what species they are. Some live only in warm weather and die off when winter comes, but their eggs endure the cold and hatch in the springtime. Others... Read more

Mosquito Eggs
Female mosquitoes lay eggs that hatch into tiny larvae which spend their lives in water, then emerge into the air as new adult mosquitoes. Though the adults never enter the water, they've evolved three different ways to get their eggs to hatch so the larvae... Read more

Mosquito Genus and Species
Mosquitoes are divided into hundreds of different kinds, so many that even scientists can't agree on how they all the different species should be classified. Researchers have spent many hours... Read more

DDT-resistant Mosquitoes Spread Malaria
DDT used to be a common insecticide, but it was banned in the United States in 1972 because of health concerns and its risk to other wildlife. Other countries still use it to kill the dangerous mosquitoes that spread malaria and other diseases, and that's why... Read more

Asian tiger mosquito Asian tiger mosquito.
What's a Mosquito with Black & White Stripes?
If you noticed a mosquito with black and white stripes on its body and legs, you may have seen... Read more

Asian Tiger Mosquito Is Spreading
The Asian tiger mosquito is an invasive species which was first discovered in significant numbers in the continental U.S. during the summer of 1985, in Harris County, Texas. The next year... Read more

Mosquitoes Like Global Warming.
Researchers agree that more mosquitoes will come along with global warming, but they disagree about whether we can prevent them and, more importantly, what we can do about any possible outbreak of more mosquito-borne diseases.... Read more

Mosquito Habitat Provides Water, Blood.
Mosquitoes breed fastest in tropical habitats, but they have also adapted to live in a wide variety of other conditions. The eggs or larvae of some kinds can live frozen in ice, while others... Read more

Mosquito Life Cycle: Eggs to Adults
Mosquitoes go through their complex life cycle quickly, typically maturing to adults in a week or two. Adults then live a few weeks to several months more, while they breed and.... Read more

Mosquito Season: Time to be Prepared.
Mosquito season begins gradually in the spring, as warm weather brings out the first of the bugs, peaks in summer, and tapers off into fall, when humans and animals finally... Read more

Photo of Asian tiger mosquito from the CDC.


Mosquitoes can turn a beautiful backyard or patio into a nightmare, and keep you from enjoying the barbecue or pool or just the back-porch swing. Ugh. I hate them. Not to mention the nasty diseases they carry to people and pets. But it doesn't have to be that way! I know from experience... Read more.

--Elizabeth Miller

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